New Exhibit: Life and Times on NM Route 66

Life and Times on NM Route 66
Aug. 1 -- Dec. 16, 2016

The 90th Anniversary of Route 66 is an occasion for celebration!

The Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections in Zimmerman Library has opened a new exhibit, “Life & Times On NM Route 66.” The exhibit is located in the Frank Waters Room 105 in Zimmerman Library and will be up through December 2016.  An exhibit opening and lecture series is planned for the fall semester.

The Boy Who Made Dragonfly and the Zuni Photographic Record by Darcy Brazen

One of my designated duties as a digital initiatives fellow involves the researching and writing authentic definitions for Tony Hillerman's children's story The Boy Who Made Dragonfly. The setting is the ancient village of Ha'wi-k'uh where the Zuni or A'shiwi people still live today. Adopted from ethnologist Frank Cushing's retelling of this A'shiwi tale, its cautionary tone warns against wanton wastefulness and stresses the importance of caring for one's neighbors.

Editing Encyclopedic Entries

Quite a few challenges accompany the process of writing encyclopedic entries for the eHillerman portal. We encounter fictitious locations, Navajo terminology that is difficult to translate, and various Native American traditions and beliefs that we do our best to research and describe, although as cultural outsiders, ultimately they are impossible for us to fully grasp. On a more technical level, we must at times compress large amounts of substantial information into manageable reflections fit for our expanding encyclopedia.


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