New Exhibit: Life and Times on NM Route 66

Life and Times on NM Route 66
Aug. 1 -- Dec. 16, 2016

The 90th Anniversary of Route 66 is an occasion for celebration!

The Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections in Zimmerman Library has opened a new exhibit, “Life & Times On NM Route 66.” The exhibit is located in the Frank Waters Room 105 in Zimmerman Library and will be up through December 2016.  An exhibit opening and lecture series is planned for the fall semester.

This year is the 90th anniversary of Route 66 (1926-2016) for decades the major highway across the United States, as well as through the heart of New Mexico, and Albuquerque itself.

The Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections is a member of the National Park Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program and the national repository for New Mexico’s Route 66 history.  The group’s mission is to make materials accessible to researchers and the public for the purpose of education, preservation and management of the historic Route 66 corridor.

Curator Nancy Brown-Martinez and Assistant Curator Jennifer Dawn Eggleston made selections from the archives illustrating life and travel along Route 66 in New Mexico with twenty-five different collections represented in the show. A variety of photographs, postcards and pamphlets present views of local people, businesses and scenes along the way. A highlight of the exhibit are neon sign drawings and work orders from the Zeon Sign Company (Electrical Products Co, Albuquerque) for the Liberty Café on Central and Gallup’s Thunderbird Lodge.  Also included are 1946 remodeling plans by Gordon Ferguson (SMPC Architects, Albuquerque) for the Court Café on North Fourth Street. It is really fun, too, to see the old menus from area restaurants, when a hearty meal cost .50 cents and bus tokens were .10 cents. Maps and brochures from the 1930s show the twists and turns of the highway, while oral histories and songs reveal thoughts and memories about the old route.

Join us in celebrating 90 years of the Mother Road!

For more information on the exhibit and the Route 66 collections in the CSWR contact Nancy Brown-Martinez at or visit the CSWR online at