About Me

Hi my name is Alisha and I am new to New Mexico Statehood. The reason I wanted to become a member on this site is because my fathers entire family is from New Mexico, which makes me interested in the state and the history. I have always wanted to go to New Mexico and visit where my ancestry comes from and see the adobe house that many of my family lived. My Grandmother Ramona Torres was a mid-wife in the early 1900s, her daughter Genevieve which married my Grandfather Elef Sanchez. They all are from Garfield and in fact my father was born their but later moved to Los Angeles, he was actually born in that adobe house. So my father has recently wrote a book about himself to hand down to our future generations so they can reflect on our history. My father was in the Air Force and we moved around a lot so trying to take a trip to New Mexico was not able to happen but I am trying to save money now to take a trip there and visit my families history and where they once walked and lived.

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