UNM's Center for Southwest Research Receives John Tever Collection

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Between 1976 and 2011, Albuquerque artist John Tever served as the editorial cartoonist for the Albuquerque Journal, sharing with New Mexicans his humorous perspective on the ins, outs, and downright oddities of life in the Land of Enchantment. From culture clashes and political wrangling to corporate and environmental issues, few controversies within the past twenty five years escaped Tever's incisive commentary. Now, thanks to a generous donation by the artist, hundreds of his original New Mexico cartoons are being archived and digitized for online publication by the Center for Southwest Research at the University of New Mexico's Zimmerman Library.

Trever says, “It was great work­ing in New Mex­ico and I was blessed with edi­tors that gave me free rein.” He said it was inter­est­ing to work in the state because the polit­i­cal dis­course has always been very lively. Trever con­tin­ues to con­tribute one car­toon a week to the Albu­querque Jour­nal so his wry take on cur­rent top­ics is still available.

Uni­ver­sity Libraries Asso­ciate Dean for Schol­arly Resources Mike Kelly says the CSWR is thrilled to receive the car­toons because they rep­re­sent a unique take on issues of the day in New Mex­ico. “Polit­i­cal car­toons are great pri­mary resources for stu­dents and researchers to use as they offer insights into the pub­lic atti­tude con­cern­ing an issue in a way that text may not be able to do,” he says

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