History Day 2012

Revolution, Reaction, Reform. That is the theme for History Day 2012. For those unfamiliar with History Day, it is a national program where students explore history and make a presentation based on their research. In our state, the program is sponsored by the New Mexico Humanities Council.

Presented here, in no particular order, are ideas for New Mexico topics that students can develop around the 2012 theme.

--Pancho Villa raid on Columbus, NM
--American Indian Movement
--Reyes Lopes Tijerina and the land reform movement
--Tea Pot Dome and campaign finance reform
--Struggle for statehood
--Native American voting rights
--Arrival of the railroad
--The Gila Wilderness Area and Wilderness Act of 1964
--Return of the Blue Lake watershed to Taos Pueblo
--The Navajo and the federal stock-reduction program
--The development of the Santa Fe Trade
--The Taos Rebellion of 1847
--Las Gorras Blancas
--The Pueblo Revolt and the Reconquest of New Mexico

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