Institute of American Indian Arts

About the Institute of American Indian Arts Digital Collections

The Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) was established by the United States Department of Interior in 1961 as a dedicated school of contemporary art for American Indian students. The Archives of IAIA was officially established in 2006 and contains the documentary evidence of IAIA and its associated Museum of Contemporary Native Arts.

  • The IAIA Images Collection consists of official photographs of various activities of the Institute, 1961-Present. It consists of prints, negatives, 35mm slides, and large format photographs.
  • The Native American Video Tape Archive consists of 265 ¾" U-matic broadcast video tapes related to the program "The Native American, A Cultural Projection" during the 1976 Bicentennial Celebration. All films were produced and filmed by Native communities.
  • The Yeffe Kimball Collection consists of 4,500 2.5" color transparencies, color stereographs; 35mm color slides, color filmstrips, and color Viewmaster reels photographed during the 1950s. The collection focuses on American Indian life from the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, the Plains, and the Eastern Woodlands and includes several hundred images of Mexico, Guatemala, and the Yucatan peninsula.
  • The Kay V. Wiest Negative Collection consists of roughly 4,000 4x5 negatives taken by IAIA's official photographer, 1961-1972. All images are related to the activities of IAIA.

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