Bassett Collection: no.02206

  • Title: Bassett Collection: no.02206
  • Creator: unknown
  • Subject: Late 19th or early 20th century photograph; New Mexico- Landscape; Buildings- House, Cabin
  • Description: Black and white image of three structures; two are constructed of logs, the third is a dilapidated adobe structure. All structures are surrounded by picket fencing. The structures are at the bottom of a gradual sloping grade next to a running creek. A man stands at the creek bottom. Patches of snow are pictured throughout the image. Large Ponderosa Pine trees are seen in the background. Below image, written in black ink; "Copper Creek at North Boundary of Queen Group" "150 acre Town Site" "No 8." Image mounted on brown paper and part of a stringed binder of photographs.
  • Date: unknown
  • Collection: Silver City Museum
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